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The Gonzales Pioneer Village Living History Center, often referred to as “The Village,” houses a collection of 1800s and early 1900s era houses and buildings from Gonzales County. Visitors strolling through The Village often feel as if they have just stepped into the same era as that of the original occupants of these buildings and that the inhabitants have merely stepped out for a while.

Each structure has been donated to our association and has carefully relocated to the grounds of The Village for its preservation. Most of the furnishings and equipment found within these structures were either loaned or donated to help represent the cultural lifestyle of the pioneers who settled this area.

Every year many individuals, friends, and families journey through The Village to explore a part of this preserved Gonzales County architectural history. The Village hosts many groups, organizations and clubs, as well as numerous school children on prearranged tours. All tours and special events are manned by period costumed volunteers who not only provide information about the buildings and their furnishings, but demonstrate numerous skills and crafts necessary for the pioneer way of life.

We welcome you to our historic Village and readily entertain questions or comments regarding our ongoing projects. We are a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization and will gladly accept your contribution towards The Village’s preservation and educational goals. 

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